After close to 28 years in existence, the then Mount Mary Training College was, in 1975, chosen to train teachers of French in line with Ghana’s vision to achieve regional integration in the West African Sub-Region. Department of French was then created and headed by the native French speakers from France for the French programme. This continued until 1994 when Mr. Yegblemenawo Albert, a Ghanaian trained French Scholar became the first substantive Head of Department of French of Mount Mary Training College.

The Embassy of France in Ghana, in collaboration with the Government of Ghana via the Ghana Education Service, spearheaded the training of teachers by initially providing the needed human resources, materials, equipment and infrastructure. Native French speakers were dispatched from France to help in the training of teachers of French.

The then College Principal, Mr. Vincent Ametefe (of blessed memory) worked relentlessly during his time to sustain the studies of French at Mount Mary training College. His efforts and commitment were highly appreciated by the French nationals in the Department hence the readiness of the French Government to continuously support the French programme in divers ways. Tutors were given refresher courses in France, language laboratory was put in place for effective oral lessons; and the College connected to the searchlight for transmission of televised programme from France to the College.

Teaching and learning of French was under the care of the Department of French. At the time, teachers turned out were highly recognized in terms of performance in their field of teaching. Many of the teachers of French who were trained in Mount Mary College taught in secondary schools and served in high capacity as translators in many organizations in Ghana and Abroad

Mount Mary Training College, just as other analogue institutions in Ghana, experienced many educational reforms which affected the teaching and learning of French; and the Department of French for that matter. Notable among the reforms was conversion of the Teacher Training Colleges into Colleges of Education in 2003 for the award of Diploma in Basic Education. Consequently, Mount Mary Training College was renamed Mount Mary College of Education. Contact hours for French were reduced and the Department of French shrunk into a Unit under Department of Languages which included English and Ghanaian Languages Units. Many French scholars including native French speakers/ attachés culturel de l’Embassade de France au Ghana such as David Constant and Lise who were in the Department of French as Coordinators for learning of French left and teaching and learning fell on few Ghanaian trained tutors of French. Then Mr. Jones Sanike was appointed to head the French Unit. He was later succeeded by Mr. Divine Yao Dakey.

Another major reform which brought changes to the Department was the conversion of Colleges of Education from Diploma in Basic Education awarding institutions into Bachelor of Education awarding institutions in 2018. During the process of the conversion and in 2017, Dr. Mrs. Cecilia Esinam E. Agbeh, a French scholar became the Principal of the College. She brought about changes in the College’s administration. She reorganized the various units in the College, renamed the French Unit as a department among many other major changes. The first Head of Department of French under the current conversion of Colleges into 4-year Bachelor of Education awarding institutions was Mr. Osmanu Ibrahim. He served a two-year term (2018-2020) in office and he is currently succeeded by Mr. Patrick Adamptey.

Here are some Tutors who served as Head of Department or Unit Head of French:
  • Mr. Jacques De Mones

  • Mr. Jean-Yves Hoisnard

  • Mr. Jean Bouley

  • Mad. Blanc

  • Mr. (now Dr.) Albert Yegblemenawo

  • Mr. (now Dr.) Justice Sallah

  • Mr. Jones Sanike

  • Mr. Divine Yao Dakey

  • Mr. Osmanu Ibrahim


To be the pride of Mount Mary College of Education and to remain the pacesetter in producing high quality and resourceful professional teachers of French, capable of motivating and sustaining the teaching /learning of French in Ghana and Abroad for globalization.


The Department of French is an academic and research-oriented department, churning out highly motivated and competent professional teachers of French with values and acceptable attitude for quality teaching and learning of French to meet the required standard at the basic level in Ghana and Abroad.

Mr. Patrick Adamptey is the current Acting Head of Department.

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