Mount Mary College of Education

Brief History of Mount Mary College of Education Mount Mary College of Education was established by the American Catholic SVD Missionaries at Agomanya in 1947. The College was known as Mount Mary Teachers Training College and was started with only 23 male students who offered the Teachers Certificate ‘B’ programme. Due to lack of space and the need to expand, the College moved to the present premises in 1950, and the site was officially inaugurated on December 8, 1951. The Motto of the College is ‘Virtus et Scientia’ a Latin expression which translates as ‘Character and Knowledge’. The founding fathers of the College had the prime aim to provide the necessary atmosphere for sound character formation and the acquisition of knowledge for the development of the individual and the nation as a whole. In addition to the initial Certificate ‘B’ programme, Certificate ‘A’ (Post B) was started in January, 1953 and in the same year, the College added a third cohort of students – Teachers External Certificate holders, who were admitted to offer a 2-year programme for the award of Teachers’ Certificate ‘A’ (Post External). Some of the programmes were gradually faced out and in 1964, it remained only the Certificate ‘A’ (Post ‘B’). In the same year, the 4-year Teachers Certificate ‘A’ programme was started. These two programmes remained until 1974 when the status of the College changed to a two-year Post-Secondary College. A year later (1975), the first group of students of French was admitted for the three-year Post[1]Secondary programme. In 2004, the 3-year Post Secondary Teachers Certificate ‘“A’ programme ended and the three[1]year Diploma in Basic Education was introduced. From 2004 to 2007, two groups of students were admitted to offer the French programme and the General programme for the award of Diploma in Basic Education. More than ten batches of the Diploma students have completed with great improvement and success over the years. In October 2018, the new 4-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree programme, which was introduced in all Colleges of Education in Ghana, started with the Junior High School (JHS) and the Primary Education specialisms. In addition to the Primary Education course, the following courses are offered under the 4-year B.Ed. degree programme:

French and English

French and Ghanaian Languages

English and Ghanaian Languages

Social Studies and History

Religious/Moral Education and Music

Currently, the College has a total student population of one thousand two hundred and one (1,201) made up of four hundred and seventy eight (478) males representing 39.8% and seven hundred and twenty three (723) females representing 60.1%. The total staff strength is one hundred and forty five (145), made up of fifty six (56) academic staff representing 38.6% and eight nine (89) none-academic staff representing 61.4%. The College has eight (8) academic Departments and nineteen (19) non-academic Units.


MOTTO Virtus et Scientia


A leading tertiary institution, producing exceptional teachers with a passion for innovation, dedicated to advancing the teaching and learning of French and other subjects at the pre-tertiary level of education in Ghana and beyond.


To provide an exceptional education to our students through the use of modern technologies and innovative teaching methodologies while fostering a deep understanding of Catholic principles and work ethics. To produce highly motivated and well-trained teachers who will promote the teaching and learning of French and other subjects in Ghana and beyond.


1. Academic Excellence

2. Integrity

3. Team work and Professionalism

4. Effective and Efficient Leaders

5. Partnership and Service to Community

6. Outstanding Management, Administration and Leadership