Dear alumni of Mount Mary University College of Education,

  • Have you heard about the MOMACOE ALUMNI ENDOWMENT FUND?
  • It is a Fund aimed at helping our Alma Mater, Mount Mary University College of Education for development projects on the campus in Somanya.
  • The fund was proposed in the first MOMACOE Alumni Memorial Lecture delivered on 10th August 2018 on MOMACOE Campus on the occasion of the 2nd Biennial General Meeting as a Constitutional provision .Cf. Constitution of MOMACOE Alumni Worldwide.
  • The Fund was officially launched on Saturday, 10th November 2018 at the Durbar of the 70th anniversary celebration of the College, now a University College of Education in the College Auditorium.
  • Following the official launch, a Bank Account has been opened with ECOBANK (GHANA) Ltd. With Account Number: 0050094498663001, Silver Star Branch, Accra.
  • The Executive Officers of MOMACOE ALUMNI WORLDWIDE have the pleasure and honour to invite individual alumni and year groups to donate to the Fund to kick-start the fundraising process towards a better MOMACOE Campus.
  • Remember that as an Endowment Fund, monies received in the Bank Account are mainly
  • Donations. The latter will be invested in various financial instruments like treasury bills, fixed term deposits, etc. whose profits will be used to finance development projects on behalf of MOMACOE ALUMNI WORLDWIDE.
  • Individual alumni of Mount Mary University College of Education are invited to donate amounts of money in to the Bank Account and if possible serve on the Executive Board of Directors of the Fund.
  • Barely 2 years ago had the alumni association embarked on the renovation of the French Department building on the University College Campus in Somanya. So far the renovation is more than 60% complete. Remember that your donation paid in to the MOMACOE ALUMNI ENDOWMENT FUND will have the profit used to complete the renovation soon. Other developments projects to be introduced by the Projects Committee of MOMACOE ALUMNI WORLDWIDE will benefit from the Endowment Fund proceeds.
  • Hurry to pay your donation in to the Endowment Fund Bank Account as soon as you can and you will receive a Donor's Certificate.
  • The monthly/annual dues you pay through the Alumni Bank Account or MTN MOMO Account is equally having 50% of it wired automatically by a standing order in to the Endowment Fund Account. Please do not be left out of the list of individual or year Group donors for a worthy course.
  • Thank you very much for paying your donation to the Momacoe Alumni Endowment Fund Bank Account number mentioned above.