Mount Mary College of Education were victors at the just ended Inter-Universities French Quiz Competition.

 By Prince Adjah-10th August, 2021.

The Inter-University Quiz Competition held on the 4th of August 2021 was the first of its kind organized at the Tertiary level in Ghana. A prestigious competition hosted by the Association Des Etudiants (ASSEF-UEW) under the Department of French Education of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Communication, University of Education Winneba. The pioneers of this substantive Competition, saw the need to coalesce French students at tertiary levels through academic schemes, exchange programmes as well as creating a satisfactory platform for socialization amongst students to build formal and formidable inter-university relationships.

 The Competition in its maiden edition managed to chalk support and sponsorship from the French Embassy here in Ghana. The Embassy was captivated by this initiative and lauded the organizers of the Competition before pledging their continual support for its success and sustainability.

The theme for the event was “Improving the Learning and Speaking of French Language and Culture through Diversity”. This was steered at promoting constant learning and speaking of French Language as well as embracing culture through diversity.

There were many dignitaries present to grace the occasion. Among them were distinguished people from the Education fraternity including, Dr. Daniel Ayi-Adzimah (Senior Lecturer-UEW) who was also the special guest of honor, Mr. Felix Odonkor, (Head of French Department-UEW), Dr. Jaures Adebiaye (Lecturer- Alliance Francaise), Mr. Jerry Anxious Fianyo (President of ASSEF-UEW) and Mr Patrick Adamptey (Ag. Head of French Department, Mt. Mary COE).

Out of five (5) Tertiary institutions, namely University of Education (UEW), University of Cape Coast (UCC), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) University of Ghana (Legon) and finally Mount Mary College of Education (MOMACOE), earmarked to partake in this Competition, two, that is University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and University of Cape Coast (UCC) were absent due to a clash with their academic calendar.

The Competition took place at University of Education Winneba (Theater 7). The atmosphere was charged amidst loud cheers from supporting schools, the most noticeable amongst them was the rhythmic “Jama” vehemently sang by the MOMACOE students in the audience all channeled at cheering their mates on.

The Quiz Master of the day was no other than Dr. Jaures Seznec Adebiaye, who conducted the agenda of the day with such dexterity by taking the students through five main thematic areas; “French Oral expression and General Knowledge, French Linguistics, Grammar and Dictée, Literature-in-French, French Culture and Civilization, Origin and History of French Language”


Each participating school had the opportunity to be represented by 3 contestants with two on standby. Three students had the distinguished honor of representing Mount Mary College of Education. They include Mr klutse Rodolphos, Mr Aklakou Jacques and Miss Ayivor Ruth Mawusi (who came in to replace Mr. Loumon Agbesi Kokou). The MOMACOE Contestants showcased captivating levels of eloquence and brilliance to the astonishment of the audience.

It was no surprise when MOMACOE came out victors securing an undisputed score of 27.5 out of a total of 31 points at the end of the contest. University of Education Winneba came second with points totaling 22 and University of Ghana coming third with 21 points.

Mount Mary College of Education were presented with the ultimate prize of a ceremonial cheque of 1,500 Ghana Cedis and a plaque with individual participating certificates for the contestants. University of Education Winneba and University of Ghana Legon who came second and third respectively received a ceremonial cheque of 1,200 Ghana Cedis each along with participating certificates for the contestants.

The Special Guest of Honor in the person of Dr. Daniel Ayi-Adzimah stated that, the Quiz Competition was purposely organized to showcase the teaching and learning of French in tertiary institutions as well developing a bond between these universities. He further admonished the students to be enthusiastic about the learning and speaking of French wherever they might find themselves. He added that this would as well go a long way to sharpen and widen their teaching skills. He congratulated the winners, Mount Mary College of Education and tagged them the best team of the Competition. He again encouraged the others to do their home works so as to shine brighter in the subsequent Competition.

The only female among the three contestants for MOMACOE, Ms. Ruth Ayivor Mawusi, took the opportunity to thank the Principal, Dr. Mrs. Cecelia Esinam E. Agbeh for granting them the opportunity to represent this noble Institution. She further thanked her tutors and highlighted how they were prepared the hard way to achieve this feat. Ms. Ruth Ayivor Mawusi appealed to the College authorities to make learning materials readily available during preparations for such competitions. She took the opportunity to petition once again for frequent quiz Competitions to be organized internally to sharpen their skills and broaden their knowledge, which will set the pace for future external competitions, she added.


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